Assa is Asateer creation inspired by Sheikh Zayed Legacy. The pieces was designed with modern perspective, hand crafted locally and inlaid with more than 200 mosaic of Mother of Pearl on exotic wood used for sticks and manufacturing. ASSA is by far one of our best seller items.
Its a great accessory as a gift to your special one. With Assa we opened the door to make a traditional accessory look more fashionable that suits now aways lifestyle. Assa is a type of a walking stick which is mainly item of fashion. It is often not designed to take any weight, but rather classified as an accessory. In the past, the late Sheikh Zayed used to carry the Assa all the time, with which he drew the features of his homeland and the future of the UAE on the desert sands.
The Assa accompanied him during his work, site visits, and sharing celebrations of joy with his people. From there the idea of ASSA was born, we created a nice traditional accessory with a luxury feel and look to it, using local wood from the UAE, brass, and mother of pearl.