Experience the History Lavishly
The driving idea behind Ruha-Coffe Table was creating something high-end related to UAE history which resemble a modern day coffee table that is practical and built to last.
The contemporary coffee table inspired by Al Ruhaa - the grinding millstone used in the UAE widely especially in the mountains in Ras Al Khaimah. Most grinding stones, if not all have interesting shapes on them. In our design we were inspired by those shapes and rotation movement of Al Ruhaa. The table can be rotated with a handle made from wood, brass and Mother of Pearl. Our first piece of Ruha Coffee table collection is now showcased in House of Artisans , Abu Dhabi. So It will defiantly be a very special piece if you want to display it at your space.
Things to know about the purchasing our exclusive Ruha Coffee table piece:

- Ruha table can only be made by order for very special buyers and private collectors.
- Ruha table top is made out of organic local Gaff wood, which has a very nice natural appearance of live edge. Every slab comes in different shapes, patterns, knots, and figures. Therefore, It is very important to keep into account that each Ruha Coffee table top would have a different wood pattern and knots to it.