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Re-live our rich past, by using Our Merwad Collection of Merwad Sefad and Athmad Kohl. Introducing Merwad by Asateer, designed for maximum image and packed with personality. Its ultra-smooth applicator glides perfectly along your eyes, for easy continuous application. In the past, both men and women would apply Athmad Kohl using special applicator stick made out of Mother of pearl.

Merwad applicators were appreciated for their soft and cool surfaces. Nowadays those kind of Merwad applicators are no longer produced in the market. Therefore, we feel that it is our job to bring this beautiful tool back to life, and give our special ones the luxury to use such rare and organic applicator again.

Asateer Provides a range of exciting products in Merwad Collection, Medhrab bottle, Merwad Sefad applicator, and theTray. Opening with sparkling top exquisite to awaken the senses, the Athmad kohl housed within a lavishly designed bottle.

Our Merwad collection are manufactured from high quality materials including such as natural hand made Athmad and Local Mother of pearl.

Merwad Pieces

Merwad Sefad ( applicator pin ) : Made purely out of local Mother of Pearl, designed to be gentle and smooth on the eye when applying the Athmad Kohl.

Size: 20 mm x 2 mm

Medhrab ( Athmad Kohl bottle) : Our luxurious Athmad bottle that complete the overall package to give it a premium and high end look. Used to keep the Athmad Kohl, made out of Glass, brass, and Mother of Pearl.

Size: 45 mm x 5 mm

Tray ( To hold the bottle and pin together ) Whats better than having a tray to hold those beauties in one place on your vanity surface. A nicely designed tray to tie everything together. Magnate is installed to keep the bottle stay in place and smoothly carved surface to keep your pin from rolling away

Size: 15 mm x 90 mm

Model No. MER101



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